Carpet Cleaning

Carpet making is a distinct form of art which requires excellent craftsmanship. Like all art pieces are expected to be taken care of, carpets are no exception. It is important that carpets are cleaned and maintained regularly. Your usual work with brooms and mops is not enough for them.

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Maidstone Carpet Cleaners are one of the leading cleaning company's which offer carpet cleaning in Maidstone. Just like the name suggests, carpet cleaning is one of our specialities. With our years and years of experience, we know exactly how to give your carpets the attention they deserve. The popular belief is that carpet cleaning is only needed during end-of-lease cleaning. That is wrong. Carpets need to be cleaned professionally at least once a year. This practice has many advantages:

1. It prolongs the carpet’s life.
2. It takes out the dust and grime which is embedded deep within the fibres of the carpet.
3. It brings out a carpet’s colours. Carpets can become dull over time due to exposure to dirt and sunlight.
4. It disinfects them. Over time, carpets can become hosts to many insects and germs which can have adverse effects on your health.
5. It retains the softness and the textures of the carpet.
6. It reduces the pressure on the carpet’s base and fibre’s roots by removing the accumulation of the dust particles.

Carpets are prominent centrepieces to room decorations. Dull carpets can undermine the whole look of the décor. We, at Maidstone Carpet Cleaners, use the one of the best-recommended carpet cleaning methods of all,  (HWE) Also known as steam cleaning  to lift off the dust and stains from the roots of the carpets. It leaves the carpets sanitised and renewed. Only the right equipment and techniques can carry out this task. Reckless handling can otherwise loosen the threads or even burn them.

We are one of the best carpet cleaners in Maidstone. We offer some of the most competitive prices for carpet cleaning. If you have pets at home, you know the carpet can get very smelly. Children's playtime activities can leave the carpets stained and odorous. To erase this odour, after sanitising the carpets, we deodorise them so that the carpets smell fresh and clean for a long time. We also apply anti-allergens to your carpets. This is to help the people with allergies. Our allergy treatment kills dust mites on contact. We only use the best cleaning solutions and equipment which also are eco-friendly. This practice eliminates any chance of future disease contractions.

Many of the other carpet cleaners use harmful and concentrated chemicals which can affect the wear and tear of carpets in the long run. If these chemicals are not properly washed, it can cause serious harm to your and your family’s heath. We also apply stain protectants so that your carpets stay stain-free for a long time. So trust us with your carpets and we guarantee you will receive the best services.