Upholstery Cleaning

Soft furnishings are an investment for most people. The delicacy of these furnishings requires constant maintenance. The fabrics that are used in these furnishings are of fragile nature. They need to be cleaned and sanitised properly. A wet cloth cannot achieve that.

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Maidstone Carpet Cleaners are one of the best upholstery cleaners in Maidstone. We are proud of our finesse. We own some of the best equipment and cleaning detergents which are needed to clean the upholstery. Harsh detergents which are used by other companies can damage the fabrics.

Upholstery contains about 80% of the dirt in the house. It is also a magnet for germ build-up. These colonies of germs can prove to be harmful to your family and pet's health. With our care, the life of your soft furniture will be elongated. We disinfect and sanitise the furniture and even apply stain protectants so that the furniture remains untainted for a long time.

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You should be careful while attempting upholstery cleaning yourself. There are high chances of the fabrics’ colour leakage or material damage. It is nearly impossible to reverse some of these situations. Leave this work to the professionals, especially those with an experience of 20 years in their pocket. We do the furniture moving so you do not need to hire any other labours. There are no hidden charges once you hire our services. If you are not pleased with our work, we will do it again free of charge, or you can have your money back. But we are sure that you will love our work so much that you will recommend us to all of your family and friends.